By purchasing from our portal you are always guaranteed to be able to perform a Return with Replacement of the goods within 14 days of delivery, as required by the current rules. Beyond this peremptory period it is no longer possible to make the goods.

In addition, thanks to a collaboration with PayPal, you have the opportunity to return your purchase by getting a refund of the return costs. In order to take advantage of it, just activate the service by clicking here and you must have paid for your order using your PayPal account (so the service is only valid for purchases paid through the latter).


1. In the case of a product that was not liked, the possible return involves shipping to the sender of the goods and, once the integrity of the product – which must be returned in the original condition – we will make the change, being able to choose another one in our store (as it happens in any store). Any price difference (minor or greater) of the product chosen as a replacement will be reinstated by one of the parties.

2. If, on the other hand, it is noted that, at the time of delivery, the package has obvious damage or breaches, you will accept the delivery with Control Reserve. In this way you will be protected by the complaint to be filed to the courier in case of damaged product (read the note at the bottom of this page).


In order to take charge of your return practice, just let us know through one of our contact channels and, once authorized, you can send back the goods to this address: WonderStore - South Pine Avenue 129 - 80014 Varcaturo.



N.B. All shipping costs are always borne by the buyer (excluding the return costs for those who paid with paypal, which will be reimbursed by the latter). On the Italian market, for convenience of use, the shipping cost of the product is included in the final price of the product; therefore, in the case of a return, it will logically be dismembered by the amount to be refunded to the buyer. While the replacement return for any damaged products can be exercised only if delivery with control reserve has been accepted; in that case you will only have to pay the cost of the new shipment and we will replace the goods in full. If not, we will not be able to proceed with the replacement, so you will need to proceed with a new purchase.