If you need to replace the Lenses of the Glasses, fitting them according to your needs, you can do it without problems! We offer a Service Optical all-inclusive that - in our High-Tech Lab indicate - mount Lenses of all types, in all diopters and above all... Certified made in Italy.

It is possible to commission both optical works with an ophthalmic prescription, and processing purely aesthetic on the lens (such as colors or combinations of specific colors, shades and gradients, details, etc). If you are interested in receiving a quote, simply send an email to info@occhialiretro.com indicating the type of lens you need, and about which of our glasses/frames you want to mount them. For prescription lenses is also essential to attach the prescription of the eye doctor showing your diopter.

The types of possible treatments are varied and are performed on Lenses that are high quality, prices are extremely competitive. Below the range of treatments possible:


Specific treatments as required (individually or together):
• Diopter of the lens.
• Treatment Anti-Scratch and Anti-Glare.
• Polarized Lens.
• Treatment of Blue-Control high-technology, which allows you to shield your eye from the blue light of electronic devices (computer, televisions, tablets, etc). The blue light is harmful for those who make continuous use of such equipment, gradually fatiguing, as well as a cause of migraines.

With the possibility of choosing between Uniform colour or Gradient (the percentage of the gradient is at your choice and is included in a range between 10% and 80%).

Specific treatments as required (individually or together):
• Diopter of the lens.
• Mirror with color of your choice (available in all colors)
• Effect tinted with color of your choice (possibility to mix 2 shades to get a gradient).
• Polarized lens (with color of your choice between Dark Grey classic, Brown and Military Green).
• Treatment Anti-Scratch and Anti-Glare.

3) Other types of Lenses are available: PROGRESSIVE, BIFOCAL, PHOTOCHROMIC

Of course, you can choose according to your own preference - the refractive index (lens thickness), which ranges from 1.5 to 1.74. The higher the index, the more thin the lens. The index is 1.5 is the standard and is included in the treatment you need. While the other indices (1.56 – 1.61 – 1.67 – 1.74) have a higher list price.

NOTE: The graduations, and the treatments can be performed on Mineral Lenses. However, they are now disused and have the disadvantage of being heavy and break easily if they fall. Nonochè have a list price higher.

*To have a complete overview of the characteristics of the lenses, open the following brochure.